Friday, April 23, 2021

My Thoughts on Work Life

 After being in the workforce for 15 years, I have some thoughts about Work-Life:

  1. Your boss is up there because he can take more shit than you. Yes, the higher you climb, the more shit you are expected to endure. 
  2. Some people choose to work in a mundane office job because they don't know what to do if not working ie. they come to work to pass time.

  3. Most people are in their jobs because the meaning of their life/purpose in society is defined by their job

  4. There are some people who already have enough to retire, but they continue working because they have no idea how much they need to retire. They have no idea how much they need to retire because they never calculated it.

  5. Blessed are the ones who can align their interest (don't even talk about passion) with their job

  6. With the WFH option, some people still choose to return to the office because they enjoy small-talk and camaraderie with the team - these are the extroverts

Saturday, April 17, 2021

All my Portfolios hit New Highs!

 All my portfolios hit new highs, definitely worth a post! Relinquishing the moment. 

Singapore portfolio:

One-fourth portfolio:

USA portfolio:

Friday, April 2, 2021


 I have achieved FI 2.0 as of this date.

FI 2.0 considers only my stock portfolio as my starting balance. 

What this means is that I am free to quit my job whenever I want, as I do not need to depend on it for income anymore. I am financially free!