Sunday, May 22, 2022

This too shall pass

Like many others, my portfolio has taken a beating in the last few weeks. The factors are due to the Ukraine war which leads to supply chain issues and inflation, and so the Fed has to keep interest rates high. This is because when interest rates are high, there is more demand for USD, which will push the value of USD up, and help mitigate the effects of inflation. As interest rates are high, this typically have a negative effect on the stock market. 

The SPY recently closed at 3901, which is just inches away from the 20% drop (at 3837) from recent high. Next few weeks will tell whether we enter another bear market or not. 

Here are the overall returns of the components in my portfolio:

Cryptocurrency -44.51%

SPY Fund          -11.56%

Bond                 -9.24%

USA                  -2.74%

One-Fourth       -5.22%

SGP                  +6.77%

BCIP                +6.69%

CPFIS              +19.64%

Dividends are not included in the above. 

As before, the plan is to hold and ready my ammo to invest even more, since time is on my side. 

Meanwhile, the crash of TerraUSD and Luna caused some folks to lose their life savings. In this it is timely to revisit the 3 golden rules of investing: 

1. diversify, 

2. diversify, 

3. diversify. 

Never put all your eggs in one basket!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Side Hustle Earnings for Mar-Apr 2022

My last 2 months of doing GrabFood were not easy.

Firstly I got Covid so I couldn't deliver for a few days. 

Secondly, the weather has been really hot and I stopped at 2 trips instead of the usual 3 trips for each delivery session.

The good thing is I managed to get my hands on a new road bike, which helps to cut each delivery time to around 20 mins instead of the usual 30 mins. 

Roughly, this means I can make 3 trips in 1 hour instead of the previous 2 trips in 1 hour. This translates to $12.50 per hour instead of the previous $10 per hour (assuming $5 per half hour). This is a 25% increment!

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Dividends for Apr 2022

 Here are my dividends for Apr 2022:

So I collected $442.96 in dividends for Apr 2022. 

In case you are wondering, some stocks are repeated because I have 2 brokerage accounts. 

Here are my monthly dividends over the last 4 years: