Sunday, April 10, 2022

Roboadvisor returns: Endowus, Syfe, Stashaway, Wealthfront [Apr 2022]

 Here I compare my returns on Singapore's Roboadvisors: 

  • Endowus, 
  • Syfe, and 
  • StashAway

Only Syfe and Endowus accounts were started around the same time. StashAway was started one year earlier, and Wealthfront was started a couple years before. 

I invest an equal amount of cash into each portfolio, on a monthly basis.

For the risk level on all 3 accounts, I chose the highest risk option. 

Here are the returns:

Endowus General Wealth Accumulation (Time-weighted return 6.58%, Absolute returns $389.11, started Feb 2021):

Syfe Stockpile (Time-weighted return 10.99%, Absolute returns $-150.90, started Nov 2020):

Syfe Property Purse (Time-weighted return 6.16%, Absolute returns $524.16, started Feb 2021):

Stashaway General Investing (Time-weighted return 11.99%, Absolute returns $17.89, started Feb 2020):

I also did an unfair comparison with Wealthfront. This comparison is unfair because the portfolio with Wealthfront was started back in Jul 2018. 

Wealthfront (Time-weighted return 35.59%, Absolute returns $5,552.83, started Jul 2018):

So far, Wealthfront has the highest returns, followed by Stashaway -> Syfe Stockpile -> Endowus -> Syfe Property Purse. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Dividends for Mar 2022

 Here are my dividends for Mar 2022:

StockDividend (SGD)Payout Date
AIMS AMP Reit136.4825 Mar 2022
Capitaland Int Comm Trust1.1415 Mar 2022
Capitaland Retail China Trust72.227 Mar 2022
CDLHTrust382.51 Mar 2022
Keppel Reit117.941 Mar 2022
Mapletree Log Trust36.9123 Mar 2022
Capitaland Int Comm Trust20.116 Mar 2022
Capitaland Retail China Trust157.192 Mar 2022
Keppel Reit120.962 Mar 2022
Intel34.753 Mar 2022
AstraZeneca13.1229 Mar 2022
Gilead80.4231 Mar 2022
MercuryGeneral81.6131 Mar 2022

So I collected $1255.34 in dividends for Mar 2022. 

In case you are wondering, some stocks are repeated because I have 2 brokerage accounts. 

Here are my monthly dividends over the last 4 years: