Thursday, November 25, 2021

Portfolio Snapshot - Passive Income

Sharing my passive income for year 2021:

Total passive income dropped from the previous year. I believe this is due to the cut in dividends in the past year due to covid. 

Basically, I am collecting $1299.85 in passive income monthly this year, compared to $1380.06 last year. Hope dividends will be restored to pre-covid times in 2022. 

Here's what it looks like on a chart:

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Roboadvisor returns: Endowus, Syfe, Stashaway, Wealthfront

Here I compare my returns on Singapore's Roboadvisors: 

  • Endowus, 
  • Syfe, and 
  • StashAway

Only Syfe and Endowus accounts were started around the same time. StashAway was started one year earlier, and Wealthfront was started a couple years before. 

I invest an equal amount of cash into each portfolio, on a monthly basis.

For the risk level on all 3 accounts, I chose the highest risk option. 

Here are the returns:

Endowus General Wealth Accumulation (Time-weighted return 10.46%, started Feb 2021):

Syfe Stockpile (Time-weighted return 20.10%, started Nov 2020):

Syfe Property Purse (Time-weighted return 5.19%, started Feb 2021):

Stashaway General Investing (Time-weighted return 23.51%, started Feb 2020):

I also did an unfair comparison with Wealthfront. This comparison is unfair because the portfolio with Wealthfront was started back in Jul 2018. 

Wealthfront (Time-weighted return 45.73%, started Jul 2018):

So far, Wealthfront has the highest returns, followed by Stashaway -> Syfe Stockpile -> Endowus -> Syfe Property Purse. 

Perhaps I'll do an update on this every 6 months. 

Meanwhile, I have been trying to set up a portfolio on DBS's 'roboadvisor' for a few months now. I have tried this on mobile and desktop. I have put in double the amount I want to invest in my bank account, thinking that it could be an insufficient funds issue. But nothing works!