Thursday, June 11, 2015


I had an interesting conversation with my wife last night. I told her that I will like to retire early, and accomplish this by extreme savings ie. eating out less, buy cheap stuff, cut back on holidays etc. However, my wife disagreed with me and said she will rather work longer so that she can enjoy life ie. eating expensive food if she feels like it, maintaining present lifestyle and so on. It seems these are two different schools of thought.

The 'extreme savings' school of thought partly came from the articles I read on Marketwatch, one example is:

From the article:
"One secret to their success? They live on very little for a family of three: about $25,000 a year. They own a car, but mostly bike. Dining out is an occasional luxury. And shopping for stuff? That’s best avoided. But their philosophy goes beyond mere scrimping, says Mr. Money Mustache. It’s about enjoying life with less."

But after listening to my wife and her arguments I'm no longer sure which school of thought I belong to...hmm....

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