Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Returns of Online Suveys

In this post I will like to share how much money one can earn from online surveys. Often we see spam that promise free $$$ from doing online surveys, but really how lucrative are they? Can you afford to quit your job and just do surveys for a living? Read on...

Valued Opinions

In VO, as you complete each survey, the dollar amount will be allocated to your account. Subsequently you can use these dollars to redeem vouchers.

My rewards are about $100 after 1 year.


In MySurvey, as your complete each survey, points will be allocated to your account, and you can use these points to redeem vouchers.

I earned about 3425 points after 1 year, and it takes 600 points to redeem a Capitaland $10 voucher. So this means I earned 3425/600*10 = $57 after 1 year.

So VO definitely is the one that has higher returns, though for sure you can't make a living doing these surveys...

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