Sunday, December 20, 2015

Financial Snapshot

I decided to do a snapshot of finances at my current state, and perhaps do it once a year, at the end of every year.

This is so that if I ever retire say in 1X years, I have a record of my finances at every year which I can share with people on 'how I retired at age 4X in 1X years'.

Naturally, I do not want to disclose too much details or my net worth, amount I have in banks etc. so I will just share the following:

Year ending Stocks Bonds Cash for investment
2015 52451.71 20872 8335.63

Not included in the above are bank savings, insurance policies, CPF, SRS etc. The above are just the amount of stocks and cash in my 2 stock brokerage accounts, the stocks in my BCIP and SRS account, and the bonds I am holding at the moment.

So that's what I have now, next year in Dec I will update this table and see how much the portfolio gained/lost.

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