Friday, January 7, 2022

Dividends for Dec 2021

 Here are my dividends for Dec 2021:

StockDividend (SGD)Payout Date
Frasers Log121.2717 Dec 2021
MapleTree Log Trust52.1515 Dec 2021
AIMS AMP CAP145.217 Dec 2021
Frasers Log35.7716 Dec 2021
MapleTree Ind Trust0.973 Dec 2021

So I collected $355.36 in dividends for Dec 2021. 

In case you are wondering, some stocks are repeated because I have 2 brokerage accounts. 

Here are my monthly dividends over the last 3 years:

Here are my total yearly dividends over the last 3 years:

Happy to say that the yearly dividends have been increasing year over year.

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