Saturday, December 31, 2022

How much do I have in stocks? | Financial Snapshot - Dec 2022

 This is a snapshot of my finances at the end of 2022.

Naturally, I do not want to disclose too many details or my net worth, the amount I have in banks, etc. so I will just share the following:

Not included in the above are bank savings, insurance policies, CPF, SRS, etc. The above is just the amount of stocks and cash in my 3 stock brokerage accounts, the stocks in my BCIP, SRS, and Robo-advisor accounts, and the bonds I am holding at the moment. Since I worked in the US before, I also added my 401K and Wealthfront investments to the above. For completeness, cryptocurrencies are included in the Stocks portfolio (though only a small percentage). 

For 2022 my Stocks portfolio only increased 2.89% YOY, the lowest across all years since I started tracking. For reference, the S&P500 dropped 19.4% in 2022, the worst year since the 2008 financial crisis ( It does not mean my portfolio fared better though because I top up stocks into it regularly using dollar-cost averaging strategy. 

Here's a visualization of the Stocks (SGD) and Bonds (SGD) over the years:


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