Saturday, April 15, 2023

Taking a Gap Year

This article popped up in my feed today:

I think it is worth a read.

The author has always wanted to write a book. She tried doing it while she was working, but could not manage due to other commitments such as family, work, etc. She summed it up best in:

Unfortunately, I just couldn't find the discipline to also be a good writer. And so, I felt like I needed to not be working at my job anymore. 

Finally, she made her decision:

I decided to prioritize my family and my dream of writing, and I handed in my notice in December 2022. 

Three months into her gap year, she quipped:

The pace of my day is so much slower now, and the freedom of that is shocking. I hadn't realized how much tension I'd been holding in.

I feel this pretty much mirrors my situation as well, except I have more things I want to do than her. 

Sometimes once you have prepared all you can, you just have to take a leap of faith. 

Take risks, dream big. 

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