Wednesday, July 12, 2023

What Adrian Tan Taught Us about Work and Life

Came across this news recently:

I do not know him personally, but I do follow his posts on LinkedIn and gained insights from them. 

His signature signoff "If I were King of Singapore..." provided a light-hearted moment in my day. 

Anyway, while reading this piece of news I was recommended to continue with the below:

The last 2 sentences of the article caught my eye:

Mr Tan is sanguine, and has no personal bucket list of things to do.

“The life that I am living now is exactly the life that I want, and my only aim is to keep it going,” he said.

I believe for most people, when they receive cancer news, they will want to spend time with family, tick off a bucket list, etc.

But not him! He wants to continue working!

He has found the perfect sweet spot and he is blessed.  

Is the life you are living now exactly the life you want?

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