Saturday, March 18, 2023

Maximizing Your Retirement Pot: How to Top Up Your CPF

So CPF changed the layout of their website again, which probably left some users confused.

In this article, I will show a step-by-step guide to topping up your CPF Special Account (SA).

On the CPF website, first log in using your Singpass.

Next navigate to 'Tools and services' - 'Forms and e-applications', as below:

Next under 'Save more with CPF', click 'Apply online':

Useless page below, simply click the checkbox and 'Start':

Choose the option to top-up, for me I chose 'Cash top-up via eNETS':

Next, you are directed to another useless page, but make sure the selection is correct as below:

Another bunch of stuff to read, click the checkbox and 'Start' (again!):

Fill up the boxes below, and once done click 'Next':

Check what you entered is correct, then click the checkbox and 'Next':

Select your bank and top-up via eNETs:

For me, the flow ended at my bank's website. Wish it will send me back to CPF to complete the flow:

Thats it! Totally convoluted flow, wish CPF gets a proper UX team!

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