Friday, March 31, 2023

My Prediction of the S&P500 was 100% Accurate!

Around one month ago I drew the below chart in this post: (note the hand-drawn arrow on the right):

It turned out that after one month the market moved exactly as in accordance with the arrow I drew above!

Since the S&P500 broke through the downtrend resistance, there should be more upside to come in the short term.

As for the STI, this is the chart from one month ago:

Here's what I said one month ago about the STI: 

It recently broke through the resistance level at 3302. Also, there is a bearish crossover of the 10 and 50 day simple moving average. Room for further fall, before a rebound. 
It turns out that is exactly what happened - the STI fell to around the 3100 level before re-bounding:

Good news is that the 10 day simply moving average just cut the 200 day simple moving average from below, which indicates a bit more upside in the next few days. 


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