Thursday, February 8, 2024

Wrapping up my Eighth Month of FIRE

I just finished my eighth month of FIRE in Jan 2023.

How time flies!

Below are what I ate and did for fun, and a record of my expenses.


Had a meal at one of the more traditional restaurants in Singapore. 

Can anybody guess which restaurant from the below pics?


This was a busy month, settling both kids into the new school/enrichment classes routine.

Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun flying a kite...or trying to. 

Went kite flying at Marina Barrage. Pic is taken from the internet.


In terms of expenses, this was an excellent month as I did not bust any of my budgets. The CDC vouchers helped.
Eating Out Target: $650
Eating Out Actual: $541.81

Household Target: $600
Household Actual: $524.67

Travel Target: $100
Travel Actual: $0

Entertainment Target: $50
Entertainment Actual: $0

Personal Target: $250
Personal Actual: $52.65

I only managed to find time to do a few food deliveries this month. All in, I only managed to earn $20.40 this month. 

I also had some revelations about financial freedom that I am taking time to gather my thoughts and will then write a post about it, so stay tuned. 

Onwards to the next month of FIRE!! 

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