Tuesday, August 8, 2023

What do you seek in life? Is FIRE enough?

I came across this news about our local celebrity Felicia Chin:


In the article, she shared that she left to study because she "couldn't find meaning in her work".

She explained that she felt like a fraud as an actress and had nothing more to contribute. That's when she left for studies and find a bit of herself.

I can empathize with her. We all seek to move higher, and not remain stagnant on the spot. 

"May you find what you seek"

This brings to mind another video that came to my feed from George Yeo.

In the video, he explained that he visited the Grand Ayatollah of Iran. In his parting words, he said to Mr. Yeo: "May you find what you seek". Mr. Yeo has these words in his mind from then on. The question then is: so what do you seek?

Mr. Yeo then went on to talk about parents with Down syndrome kids, where he was surprised by a remark made by one of his staff that Down syndrome kids can be very 'loving'. He then went on to say that we should help them because "if we enhance others, we enhance ourselves at the same time". 

He ended with these words:

We seek meaning. We seek fulfillment. It is an inward journey. But that inward journey in the end has to be expressed in our relationship with other people. With our parents, with our siblings, with relatives, our teachers, our friends, with strangers, with those with whom we are divided politically, religiously, or ideologically. 

I resonate with these words.

So what do we seek? We seek meaning.  

You can find the video here:


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