Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Wrapping up my Second Month of FIRE: No Time to be Bored

Have you heard of people getting bored after they retired, with nothing to do?  

Perhaps I had scheduled too much stuff. In fact, I feel I don't have enough time to finish the things I want to do!

Here are some of the stuff I ate, and places I went to:


Supreme Pork Chop Rice
This is famous, right?

Supreme Pork Chop Rice - This is ok only...
Not too bad...

Chin Mee Chin - Iconic
Chin Mee Chin - iconic.

Heng Long Teochew Porridge - this is good
Heng Long Teochew Porridge - this is good!


Springleaf Nature Park
Springleaf Nature Park - always wanted to go.

I also did a day of volunteer work for Racial Harmony Day at my kid's primary school. Hopefully, I can do one day of volunteer work a month.


On the fitness side, I definitely walked more than in my previous desk-bound job. 


I busted some of my expenses this month. Hardly surprising I guess, since you got to spend to have fun...

Eating Out Target: $650
Eating Out Actual: $547.12

Household Target: $600
Household Actual: $791.80 (Signed up for a parenting course - I think its a necessary expense)

Travel Target: $100
Travel Actual: $61.80

Entertainment Target: $50
Entertainment Actual: $23

Personal Target: $100
Personal Actual: $200.47 (Bought new shoes and vitamins to keep me healthy...)

Separately, I started doing food delivery again. I achieve a few objectives by doing food delivery:
  • Exercise
  • Earn kopi money
  • Collect steps on my national steps tracker, which I can eventually use to redeem Sheng Shiong vouchers
  • Collect steps on my AIA Vitality app, which I can eventually use to redeem Cold Storage vouchers
  • I tend to get some groceries along the way back 
On to my third month of FIRE!

Do you have any questions about my FIRE journey or about my 'retirement'? Please ask below. 

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