Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Financial Fine-tuning: Unlocking My Deposit Account Efficiency

There was a good article earlier this month comparing the different interest rates among the banks in Singapore:


I did a recalculation of the interest I will get for different banks.

Prior to Jan 2024, the highest interest I will get is from Maribank, Trust, and GXS. So my accounts were set up correctly:

Starting Jan 2024, I received a monthly salary, so I am now eligible for salary credit interest. Based on that, the highest interest I can get is from OCBC360. However, it is too bad I cannot get their OCBC365 credit card - I canceled it when they started charging me an annual fee and now when I re-apply, they reject me. 😔

The bank account that now gives me the highest interest is OCBC360:

With this, I will have to start moving my army again and position them in the right places. 

Have you looked at your bank accounts yet? There may be pockets of optimization you can do like this. After all, this is pulling money from thin air, with a small effort like the above. 😃 


  1. Hi,
    Saw your reply to my earlier post. I am in similiar status as you ie not working but this is what i doing

    a. Do max 150k for UOB1 account. Hack the salary top up. If you dont know how , search out blog.
    Consolidate your Household expenditure to hit the 500 spend.

    b. Do SCB e saver . Do player 1 and 2 method. Also in his blog.
    You should get way better yields from there. Min 3.5% per dollar
    No need even to spend.

    c. If you SCB > 150k , the do player 2 for UOB 1 account.

    The above is good for 300k which is a lot ....
    The above also allows the flexibility of cash withdrawals.
    If you can lock up , then SSB or Tbills . SSB if you view liquidity more impt in LT. Tbill if you can confirm that you wont touch for 6 months as it giving better yields than SCB.

    Dont thank me. I learn from his blog as well. So just pay it forward .


  2. Hi, how to apply for the UOB credit card without salary?